Cold Meat Industry is a record label based in Sweden, that have been around for 10 years now. Over this decade, the label has attracted a large fan base from all over the world - not only for the dark haunting music that the bands produce, but also for the consistent supreme artwork of the releases.

The bands do sometimes play live, but so far mostly Europeans have been fortunate to enjoy these feasts. As a service for those yet unable to attend - and of course also for those who wish to revive mesmerizing moments of the past - this site is devoted to collecting pictures of the bands in live situations. This is my contribution to the apotheosis and immortalizing of some of the darkest bands known to man. By clicking on the buttons at the top of the page, you can choose to visit different chambers of this gallery. A fifth one, from the Industrial Marathon in Jönköping was added on May 25th, 1999.

All photographs © 1996-99 Mårten Sahlén, Butch Clough, Christian Pallin, Mikael Oretoft, and Love Rosenström. If you want to download an image for personal useage, such as a wallpaper, startup screen, or somesuch, fine. It's probably also fine to link them to your very own veryPage, but please ask first, OK?

Comments or queries are preferably directed to Mårten

Kudos to Magnus Sundström a.k.a. The Protagonist for help with scanning

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