is located in the world's most beautiful city - Strömstad, Sweden. The picture above was shot from an unusual angle, showing the Vatuland and extends towards the North. Most tourist brochures enhance the harbor, our many wonderful beaches and the colorful stunning beauty of the Strömstad archipelago.

But Strömstad is more than a garden of earthly delights. It's the home of the world famous Vikings. The surrounding area is a treasure of historical sites dating back to the stone age and beyond. Here you find countless amounts of awesome rock carvings, huge ship cumula and remarkable ancient burial grounds.

The resourceful nature provides all kinds of outdoor activities. And thanks to the outstanding efforts of many active people, who work to preserve our precious nature, we can breathe fresh air and swim in clean ocean water.

The fauna is unique. Where else can you find rare beach flowers and highland treasure plants in combination with an endless wildlife fauna in one single communty? Well, tell me about it!

In a Fall windstorm a fisherman returns home, and praising the Lord he exclaims: "When the oceans foam, Strömstad is my harbor of home".

Yes, folks, if Heaven is anything like Strömstad, I wanna go there too!

In the realm of this unmatched beauty

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