The beginning

The story begins in the late 70´s, early 80´s when the childhood friends, Conny Blomqvist and Andy Christell begins to rock together.

Conny had his band called Road Rats who was joined by Gyp Casino from Hanoi Rocks, in 1983, and had a small success in Finland were they released a few singles and did some touring (support act at Hanoi Rocks last gig at Tavastia Club, Helsinki, Finland).

Road Rats turned to be Rolene, Andy Christell, who also had been playing with Road Rats earlier, joined the band.

Rolene made some singles in 1985 and released a Lp in 1986, Rollin´ with Rolene.

Rolene was, like Road Rats, more popular in Finland than they ever was in Sweden.

Conny Blomqvist also played with Sam Yaffa, from Hanoi Rocks, in the mid 80´s, and made an Ep with him.

All lips N´ hips

In 1987 Conny and Andy formed Electric Boys as a duo, and released their first single, All Lips And Hips/ Cheesecake Funk.

Soon thereafter they became a four-man band with: Conny Blomqvist, Vocals/ Guitar. Andy Christell, Bass. Franco Santunione, Guitars. and Niclas Sigevall, drums.

Funk-o-metal carpet ride

In 1989 they released the debut Lp Funk-o-metal carpet ride, they got themselves a hit record, which included a new version of first single All lips n´ hips, with party vocals by some members from Swedish band Treat, and the funky Electrified, both of them became quite popular in Sweden. They also released a single together with Swedish comedian Svullo, Called, För fet för ett fuck! written by Conny Blomqvist and Svullo (Micke Dubois). That one became one of the most played songs in 1989 in Sweden.

Soon the management realised that they were good enough for a world wide breakthrough.

Funk-o-metal (us-remix)

Conny Blomqvist changed his name to Conny Bloom, they recorded five new songs produced by Bob Rock and replaced five old ones and released Funk-o-metal carpet ride again with a new cover and a new logo.

The album was well taken and got good reviews but it wasn´t a big commercial breakthrough.

Groovus maximus

In 1992 the boys was back with a new album, supposed to be the big hit, Groovus maximus, partly recorded at Abbey road studios and with a cover by the legendary Hugh Syme. The single, Mary in the mystery world, was a Beatles-grooved sing along song with a long solo part (maybe to long for a hit song). Other singles from the album was, Groovus maximus and Dying to be loved, but they were never even close to be hits. The album ends with a instrumental called, March of the spirit, a very heavy song with great guitars and a nice melody.

New line-up

After some touring in 1992-93 Niclas Sigevall and Franco Santunione left the band and Electric boys was again a duo, after some searching all around the world and trough MTV, the boys found some guys in Sweden, Slim´Martin Thomander, guitars, and Thomas Broman, ex- Great king rat, drums, they continued touring in the summer 1993 and played a serie of festivals and as support act to Metallica.


Early 1994 the album, which was to be the last to come from Bloomster and the boys, was released. Freewheelin´ showed another side of the boys, more heavy and less funk, but still recognisable as Electric boys. First single, Ready To believe, was like a punch in the stomach, and other songs like, Mountains and sunsets, Groover and Not my cross to bear showed a band that should be among the giants of hard rock. The best tune on the record, Sad day, is a slow song with a solo part with such feeling as only David Gilmour could make it better, and it is maybe the best song ever, to come from Electric boys.

Unfortunately the album didn´t sell as it should do, just a short visit at Swedish top 20, and not to well in the rest of the world either. An upcoming tour with King´s X was cancelled, and the story seemed to be over. Conny Bloom decided to split the band in the summer of 1994, a summer when they once again proved that they still are in their best as a live performance. One show remained, the farewell concert at Gino in Stockholm, Sweden, on October 16th, 1994.


A chilly night in Sweden, it´s October 16th 1994. I am standing in the line outside Gino in Stockholm, listening to different voices talking about all the good things in the history of Electric Boys.

Finally I´m at the door, and I do miss them already, when I leave the ticket and step inside.

The intro, Are you ready to believe, begins and the curtain slides up slowly. The Boys enter the stage and starts with Ready To believe, harder and tighter then they ever played it before, the sound and the lightshow is much better then ever before. This band should sell out big arenas, instead of small clubs, but they never did so tonight´s the final night. Electric Boys seems to do their best to make this show special, and they succeed with a perfect mix of old and new songs. Suddenly, Niclas Sigevall and Franco Santunione replaces Slim´ Martin and Thomas Broman, together with Svullo, and they play their, maybe biggest hit ever, För fet för ett fuck, that makes the Swedish audience sing out, loud. When it´s time for Bloomsters personal favourite, Sad day, I almost feel the tears, because this is a Sad day. The show ends up with All lips and hips and some jamming with all the Boys on stage, and an historic concert was about to end.

The rumours about the last show being recorded for an upcoming live album doesn´t seem to come true. That´s a shame, the farewell concert is worth being played again and again and again.....

Mattias Pontén

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