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Spel Crackers:

Cheat v26.0

Cheat Engine v2.5b2

Cheat Machine v2.02

CrackAid v3.39

Gold Cup v1.2

Hack File v3.27

Neverlock Spring96 Unprotects over 400 games.

The Patcher v6.5 Removes copy protection from over 100 games both new and old.

Unlimited Cheats v3.0b

Lösenords Crackers:

Ami BIOS Password Finder

AmiDecod Ami BIOS Password Finder

Award Modular BiOS crack tool Cracks most newer BIOS passwords.

Award BIOS Password Finder

Arjb1utg .ARJ password hacker (needs a wordlist).

Brute v2.0 Unix --> Unix.

Claymore Brute force program for Windows.

Crack 4.1 (unix -> unix)

CRACKer for ZIP-files v2.0

Cracker Jack v1.4 (dos -> unix)

Crack Master v2.5 Another password protection removal prog.

Decrypt v1.0 WordPerfect Password Cracker.

Delms Elite Password Leecher The most sophisticated, yet simple to use method of stealing passwords, reading private messages, and finding out how others do things that you shouldn't know how to do!

Dictionary Maker Creates word lists, or dictionaries, for password cracking programs.

Fast ZIP Cracker v1.4

Glide Prog is suppose to crack Windows .pwl files.

Guess (dos--> unix)

Hades Scans password entries (encrypted) against every word in a dictionary file.

Hell Fire Cracker (unix -> unix)


Jill v2.0 A manipulator for wordlists.

John the Ripper v1.00

Killer Cracker v9.5 (dos --> unix)

Kos Krack Plugin for Cracker Jack.

Lard v2.0 (unix -> unix)

Microsoft Word Unprotect v1.2

Modem Hunter v2.0

Newhack v2.0 (dos or os/2 --> unix)

Newpw A password cracker for DOS.

Nowhere Utilities v2.0 Thirteen utilities to assist the rogue programmer on his quest for electronic mayhem. 

NWPCrack v5.0b Novell Password Cracker.

PASSWDRA.C Uses race conditions in SUN4.1 to get passwd.

Pcupc v2.01 Personal Computer Unix Password Cracker. PCUPC is a program which   effectively encrypts passwords from a list of words, and then compares them to any Unix/etc/ password file's encrypted passwords; matching passwords are recorded for future use.

PGPcrack Brute-forces PGP-encrypted files

QCrack Not for the game.


RemPass v2.6

Simplex Code Generator Narrows Down The Combinations.

Star Cracker Somebody try this and tell me if it's worth keeping.

Therions Password Utility v1.00

Trump-Hack v1.1

Unzip Another zip cracker.

VMS Password cracker v1.0

Wincrack Cracks files enciphered by the utility WinCrypt.

Winpass Cracks Windows Screen Saver Passwords.

Word for Windows PW Cracker

Word Perfect A utility that cracks Wordperfect password encoded files.

WPcrack/WPuncryp for Word Perfect 5.x.

Xit v2.0 Another DOS password hacker.

Zipcrack Zip cracker for DOS (dosen't need a wordlist).

Program Crackers:

Code Buster v3.05

Date Cracker v1.0 Cracks the time-limit for most programs.

Fakecd Is what to use if a program says "please insert CD". It makes a section of your HD appear to be a CD.

Ms Key Generator Windows app that generates keys for win95.

Password Cracker for Pegasus Mail for Windows Cracks passwords up to 32 digits.

Renegade BBS Hack

The Pirate's Friend v3.4 Lots of cheats, codes and cracks.

Wild Cat 4.0 Hack

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