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Beginners Smörgåstårta

Smörgåstårta, click for larger picture
Beginners smörgåstårta 
24 servings


8 slices white toastbread cut on the length, 
(or 24 ordinary slices of toastbread)
8 slices dark bread, wholegrain-style
soft butter 

200 gram cream-cheese 
300 gram paté of liver 
(danish or swedish style) 
1 tube of swedish fine-grained caviar 
(or roe mixed with some mayonnaise)

2 dl mayonnaise
2-3 tblsp chilisauce 
1 tblsp brandy
1 finely chopped sprout of blanched celery
½ finely chopped red paprika
1 tin crabmeat
Place 4 slices of dark bread as a bottom. 
Spread cream cheese on top.Place 4 slices 
of white bread over the cheese. 
Spread the paté of liver all over them 
(if you can't find spreadable paté, you 
can mix paté with cream). 
Place dark bread on top and then spread caviar 
all over. Then place the last white bread on 
top and add the "icing" i.e the crabsalad. 
(Just mix all the ingredients to a spreadable 
salad) Garnish with decorative vegetables. 
This tårta can be prepared the day before serving. 
If you leave the tårta in the fridge a few hours 
before decorating it will be moisty and taste better. 

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