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Tårta Deluxe

Smörgåstårta, click for larger picture.
10 - 12 servings

12 slices white bread, cut horizontally 
(1 lengthcut slice = 3 pieces of toastbread) 
2 boxes of natural creamcheese (melted), each 250 gram 
1 tin tunafish in oil, 185 gram 
150 gr smoked salmon
100 gram ham
1-1½ dl double cream 
grated horseradish 
1 tube paté of kipper or other smoked fish, 
(or make a spreadable paste in a blender, 
from smoked fish and cream)
50-75 gram baked paté of liver 
apprx 1 dl mayonnaise
4-5 tomatoes
apprx 20 green grapes
1 pack. mimosasalad, 175 gr 
(= mayonnaise lightly mixed with fruitcocktail, no syrup) 
200-300 gram shrimps 
½ small tin of mandarines
1 lemon
wooden toothpicks 

1) Make the tårta in 4 layers. Place 3 of the breads 
as a bottom, and spread the creamcheese on them 
2) Mix the tunafish with half of the smoked salmon, 
finely chopped into a spreadable paste. Spread it 
over the creamcheese.  
3) Spread creemcheese on another 3 breadslices and 
place them, sticky side down, on top of the filling. 
4) Whip the cream and add as much horseradish as you 
like, Chop the ham very finely and add to the mix. 
Spread this over the bread and place 3 more slices 
of bread on top. 
5) Next layer: spread a mix of the kipperpaté 
(or similar), paté of liver and as mayonnaise you 
need to make the filling spreadable. (use a blender) 
Cover with the last 3 slices of bread 
6) Wrap the cake in plastic-foil and leave it in the 
fridge overnight. 
7) Spread creamcheese around the sides and on top of 
the tårta. Garnish the sides with smoked salmon. 
On top of the tarta: place tomatoecloves, pinned to 
the tarta with wooden toothpicks. Place a grape on the 
edge of every toothpick. 
8) Fill the empty space on top with the mimosasallad 
and garnish with shelled shrimps, mandarines, lemonslices 
and parsley. (see picture) 

NOTICE! It's important to pin the tomatoes firmly and tight 
to the tårta with the toothpicks, or else the mimosa-filling 
might slide and make a mess...

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