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The swedish "sandwich-torte"

If you ever have tried the fabulous party-dish smörgåstårta (not to be confused with "smorgasbord") on a visit in Sweden, you probably never will forget the experience. Layers of bread, creamy fillings with delicious ingredients and fresh decorations makes the Smörgåstårta not only incredibly tasty, it is also a feast for your eyes and serves many guests. Here are some of my favourite recipes, Enjoy!

For the beginners... a few handy tips!

You can also get more hints and pictures here
Always make the tårta on a large plate, the decorations might take some space too. Make sure you have enough place in the fridge. It is very difficult to move the tårta to a new plate, especially after decoration.

In sweden we cut the loafs of bread on the length when we make smörgåstårta. You can use regular toastbread, with the same result. Just trim the crusts off the breads and "glue" them side to side with a little butter. Three toastbreads is equal to one slice of length-cut bread.
If you want to bake your own bottom for the smörgåstårta, Rita in Skellefteå provides this excellent recipe.Try to make the "bottom" of the tårta a day ahead (if it is made by bread, not puff pastry or pie dough). Add the fillings and wrap it up in plastic foil overnight before decorating. This makes the tårta much more moist and even tastier.

On a diet?
  • All "butter" can be removed or exchanged with a low calorie spread.
  • Instead of mayonnaise, use light mayo or even some other low calorie creamy dairy product (but the taste won't be the same, of course)
  • If you find ham too fat, use turkey instead.

    Some people find the taste of mayonnaise too heavy in the smörgåstårta. Kids might find the taste too strong. Swap at least half of the mayo with creme fraiche or sourcream and you will find the taste much milder.

    More to come here...

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