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Some pictures

First, cut the crusts off the bread...

1. First cut the crusts off the bread. Here I have been using regular toast bread. Then "glue" the pieces together with a little butter, side by side on a tinfoil covered tray or a big plate. Then add butter across the "bottom" of the smörgåstårta.

Spread the mixes over layers of bread

2. Then spread the mixes over the bread, and add new layers of bread on top, and then maybe another mix. After this I added another layer of bread on top and wrapped the entire "loaf" in plastic foil. (Or a big plastic bag) I stored it in the fridge until the next day. This makes the tårta moist but is not necessary.

Cover the entire loaf with mayo...

3. The day after; The entire "loaf" spreaded with mayo. It's ok to use low calorie stuff, or mix the mayo with sour cream or cream if you prefer it.

Decorate the sides

4. Time to decorate. For the sides you can chose chopped lettuce, chopped parsley or thin sliced cucumbers etc. Here I used parsley for the flavour, but it's a bit tricky to cover the entire surface.

And this is what it looks like

5. This is what it looks like after I have decorated the sides with chopped parsley. Now it's time to start adding the rest of the decorations.

Some of the decorations, shrimps, cheese etc.

6. I have started adding shrimps and cheese with little cocktail tomatoes, then the rolls of smoked meat with horseradish-butter, cut into "roses" (cut them while frozen) They don't look that fancy right now but wait and see...

A smaller tårta, while decorating.

7. This is the second, smaller tårta, made from 4 slices of bread in each layer. The big one is made from 6 slices in each layer. You can even make a tårta with 2 slices in each layer if you are only 2-3 people.

More decorations added

8. More decorations added; slices of smoked salmon with dill, more cheese and blue grapes. Just let your fantasy free and add your own personal favourites as decorations; caviar, lemon, cheese, vegetables, fruits, sliced meat.. whatever.



9. Done, it's time to serve the smörgåstårta, or if the guests will arrive later, wrap plastic or tin foil losely around it (stick toothpicks here and there to keep the foil from squashing the decorations) and store it in the fridge. Use a spraybottle with water and "mist" the tårta just before serving to make it look extra fresh (don't do this if you have decorated with "bleeding" things like black caviar)


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