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Tårta in red and green

Smörgåstårta, click for larger picture.
Tårta in red and green 
10-12 servings

12 slices white bread, lengthcut, no edges 
2 boxes or 500-600 gram of cheesespread 
(natural meltcheese, not "Philadelphia"!) 
300 gram shelled shrimps
100 gram smoked thin sliced meat, 
1-1½ dl double cream 
grated horseradish 
1 box green-cheese spread 
(or home-made from greencheese mixed with cream) 
1 small red sweet paprika 
1 small green sweet paprika
10-15 radishes 
½ lemon 
1 piece of cucumber  

1. The Tårta is made in four layers. 
Chop the shelled shrimps well and mix them with 
400 gram cheesespread. 
2. First layer: three slices of bread with half 
of the shrimp-cheesespread on top. Cover with three 
more slices of bread. 
3. Whip the cream and add horseradish, as much horseradish
as you dare... Carefully add the finely chopped smoked meat, 
dont mix, just "turn" the mix with a spoon. Spread the 
other layer of bread with this filling. 
4. Spread the remaining shrimp-cheesespread and cover 
with the last breadslices. Wrap in plastic foil and 
place in the fridge overnight.
5. Spread the last of the cheesespread (natural) around 
and on top of the tårta, Garnish the sides with nice 
pieces of lemon and cucumber. Decorate the top of the 
tårta with greencheese-spread, slices radishes and finely 
chopped green and red paprika. (see picture)

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