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  1. Tasty Smörgåstarta
  2. Recipe for an always popular smörgåstårta
  3. Warm broccolitårta
  4. A tasty smörgåstårta with less mayonnaise!!!
  5. Luxurious New-years tårta
  6. Smörgåstårta for kids
  7. Modified Weekendtårta
  8. Mexi-tårta
  9. Warm Smörgåstårta
  10. Smörgåstårta with chicken
  11. Favourite tårta
  12. Heide's smörgåstårta
  13. Tårta surprise

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Visitors recipes:

Tasty Smörgåstarta 

1 round cake-bottom apprx 24 cm diam. 
Or 4 round sweeted flat breads with the same diam.
Filling 1. 
200 gram pate´of liver, danish or swedish spreadable type 
or other pate´of liver mixed with cream to a spread 
0,5 dl chopped pickled cucumber, boston type 
some cream if desired
Filling 2. 
150 gram sliced ham 
1 grated apple 
1 small leek 
2 dl mayonaise

Filling 3. 
150 gram chopped, shelled shrimps 
1 small chopped onion 
2 dl mayonaise 
2 dl sourcream 
1 tblsp dried dill
Ham, lettuce, cheese or vegetables or what you find suitable.
Split the bread into 4 pieces if it is in one piece or use 
the 4 breads.Mix filling 1, spread over the first bottom and 
put the next one over the filling, mix filling 2, add it to the 
"cake". Take a new piece of bread and put on top, Mix filling 3,
spread it and add the last piece of bread. 
Spread mayonaise all over the "cake" and let the Smörgåstarta 
rest in the fridge, wrapped in plastic foil, until the next day. 
Next day you might have to add some more mayo on the outside since 
the bread tends to draw the moist. 
Garnish with what you have in the fridge some lettuce ham, 
cheese or what you like. Serve with cold beer or a nice white wine. 
Good Luck!


Recipe for an always popular smörgåstårta 10-15 servings This is what you need: 3 pkt white bread, cut on the lenght 3 dl lightly whipped cream, 275 gram mayonnaise 4 hg pate´of liver, cut in small dices, chopped pickled cucumber, 3,5 hg smoked ham, 1 tin fruitcocktail. For Garnishing 1 hg roastbeef, 4 hg potatosalad, 1,5 hg boiled ham, medium hard cheese (type port salut, cheddar etc), 8 hardboiled eggs, 7-8 hg shrimps, lettuce, tomatoe, lemon, parsley, Cream cheese for the sides. Instructions: Start with 5 slices of bread, Whip the cream and mix with mayonaise. Use half the mix and add pate of liver, pickled cucumber. In the rest of the mayo-cream; gently stir down sliced smoked ham and fruitcoctail. spread the mixtures between the breadslices.Spread soft cheese around the edges and press finely chopped parsley in the cheese. Let the tarta rest overnight in fridge for better result. Decorate with potatoesalad, roastbeef, boiled ham in slices, eggs, shrimps,cheese in slices, and the vegetables. Delicious with white wine or cider! Greetings from Britt-Inger Andersson in Söderköping up
Warm broccolitårta Ingredients: 4 tblsp mustard 2 slices white bread, cut on the length 1-2 onions 1 clove of garlic butter or margarine 4 slices smoked ham 1 pack (250grams) frozen broccoli 2 tblsp butter or margarine 3 tblsp wheat flour 2½-3 dl cream salt,pepper 1½ dl grated cheese Instructions: Spread the slices of bread generously with mustard. Shell and finely chop the onions and crush/grate the garlic. Fry he onions and spread it together with the thin slices of ham on one of the breadslices. Add the other breadslice on top. Boil the broccoli according to the instructions on the package. Cut them into smaller pieces and spread on top of the bread. Melt butter with the flour, add cream and let boil for a couple of minutes. Add salt and pepper. Stir down the cheese. Spread this cheese-sauce over the broccoli. Bake tårta in oven, 225 degrees c, apprx. 10min. Sprinkle chopped parsley on top before serving and serve warm with tomatoes. This tårta is very tasty and easy to make. You can prepare it all and place it in the oven when the guests arrive. best regards Hans Johnsson up HR> A tasty smörgåstårta with less mayonnaise!!! Ingredients: 12 slices of white bread (toastbread) Filling: 2 tins of tunafish 180 gram 2 tins of clams (shelled) 225g 1 tin small green peas 395g 3 hardboiled eggs 2 dl mayonnaise 1,5 dl sourcream 1,5 tblsp chilisauce, not too spicy 1,5 tblsp mustard 1,5 tblsp lemonjuice 1 tsp salt 3 tblsp finely chopped dill garnish: 0,5 kg shrimps (unshelled) 1,5 dl mayonnaise and sourcream (I use 1,5 tblsp mayo and the rest sourcream) 2 hardboiled eggs 1 tomato 1 tin asparagus cucumber and parsley Instructions: Remove the edges from the bread, Place 3 slices in a row, close together Mix all ingredients of the filling and spread on the bread, add more bread, more filling, etc. until you have 4 layers of bread. No filling on top. For better result, make this the day before serving and leave the "cake" int the fridge in a moist cloth overnight. Garnish; Start with a very thin layer of sourcream/mayo-mixture over the whole surface nothing on the edges, Garnish nicely with the rest of the ingredients Enjoy!!!! From: Malin Johannesson up

Luxurious New-years tårta Ca: 12 - 15 servings. Ingredients: 12 slices lengthcut white bread FILLING 1 ca 300 grams smoked salmon 2 dl mayonnaise 1 1/2 dl double cream ½ dl chopped dill 1-2 tblsp horseradish (grated) 4 hardboiled eggs salt and pepper FILLING 2 800 g shrimps with shells 100 gram caviar ½ dl chopped dill 1½ dl mayonnaise 3 tblsp cream GARNISHING 1 tin asparagus thin slices of smoked or marinated salmon (swedish "gravlax") rolled into roses shrimps tomato slices lemon slices dill lettuce mayonnaise black caviar Instructions: 1/ Start with filling 1. Cut the salmon into small pieces (save for garnishing). Whip cream to foam. Shell and dice the eggs Stir all ingredients together. Spice with horseradish, salt and pepper. 2/ Shell the shrimps for filling 2. Save some for garnishing. Chop the rest, not too finely. Stir all ingredients together for filling 2. 3/ Place 3 slices of bread as a bottom and spread half of filling 1over them. 4/ Place the next 3 slices of bread in the other direction on top, and spread filling 2. 5/ Add 3 more slices in the same direction as the first 3 and spread the rest of filling 1. Cover with the last breadslices and wrap plastic foil around. Place the tårta cold until the next day. 6/ Remove plastic foil and spread mayonnaise around the tårta. Decorate with the garnishes. Best regards Ingrid up
Smörgåstårta for kids Ca: 12 - 16 serv. Ingredients: 1 kg shrimps, with shells White bread, toastbread 3 dl sourcream 3 dl mayonnaise apprx 300 gram smoked ham, lean fresh cucumber 2-3 tblsp grated horseradish dill Instructions: shell the shrimps. Cut all edges off the bread. Place the bread on a large plate. Mix sourcream and mayonnaise, cut ham and cucumber in very small dices and mix with the mayo-creammix. cover the bread with the ham-mayo-cream. Place a layer of bread on top of it. Spread the rest of the ham-mayo-cream on the bread. Place more bread on top. Add some horseradish in mayonnaise and make sure it's not too strong in flavour. Spread this mix all over the bread. Wrap the cake in plastic-foil and leave in the fridge, preferably overnight. If you do that, dont shell the shrimps until it's time to decorate, but I guess you know that. Garnish with shrimps, dill, tomatoes, cucumber or whatever you know your kids appreciate. Just remember to be generous with the filling, the bread is like a sponge and sucks the moist, if you don't add enough filling the smörgåstårta will be dry. I hope you will find this tasty, Greetings from Annita Johansson. up
10:36 1997-06-20 PDT Hi, My mum would love to have a smörgåstårta on her 40-years birhtdayparty, but she doesn't like any of these ingredients: Green cheese Paté of liver Kiwi Shrimps Fish (no fish at all) Pineapple Bananas Walnuts Briecheese Can you help me?? Thank you in advance, Niklas PS-Dad thought all your recipes looked delicious :-) Hi Niklas, This wasn't easy, I feel sorry for your mum, she misses out on many things... I suggest you make a smörgåstårta of things you know she likes. You can find different fillings here on my homepage and garnish with anything you find suitable. If you run out of ideas you can always try the following two: (see recipes) Good luck! Greetings from Helene

Modified Weekendtårta 8 servings 4 slices white bread, lengthcut butter Filling 1: 100 gram cream cheese (Cantadou or similar, preferably horseradish flavoured). If it is hard you can mix it with some cream to make it spreadable 1/2 diced red paprika Filling 2: 50 gram finely cut boiled ham 2 tblsp diced apple 1 dl sourcream 2 tblsp finely chopped parsley Filling 3: 2 tblsp chopped red onion 1 hardboiled, chopped egg 3 tblsp mayonnaise 3 tblsp smoked finegrained caviar (scandinavian type) Garnish: ½ dl mayonnaise 8 olives on toothpicks 8 slices roastbeef 100 gram smoked turkey or pastrami in slices 2 hardboiled sliced eggs chopped lettuce parsley 2 tomatoes in dices 15 cm sliced cucumber 8 slices cheese Spread butter on the bread and mix all the fillings. Spread filling 1 on the first bottom. Cover with bread and spread filling 2 on this. Cover with another layer of bread and spread filling 3 on top. Be generous with the fillings, the cake is suckulent and might be dry unless you do. Put the filled cake in a plastic bag or wrap it in plastic foil and put it in the fridge for at least 3 hours, preferably over night. Garnishing: Spread mayonnaise all over the surface and press slices of cucumber and chopped lettuce along the sides of the cake. Decorate nicely with eggs, rostbeef, pastrami, tomatoes, parsley and rolled slices of cheese. Pin the cheese to the cake with olives on toothpicks Helene Mexi-tårta 6-8 servings: 3 round breads for bottoms, apprx 25 cm diameter butter Filling 1: 1 ½dl sourcream 1 pack dipmix (seasoning) tex-mex-flavour (or 2 dl prefab dipmix, mexican style) 1 dl grated cheese Filling 2: 1 small tin mushroomcream 2 tblsp chilisauce (hot) 1 tblsp pizzaseasoning Garnish: 2 tblsp mayonnaise 1 tblsp hot chilisauce 24 very thin slices salami 12 slices pastrami or smoked meat 12 black olives 100-150 gram hard cheese (cheddar) 1 sharon-fruit in slices basilleaves lettuce Spread butter over the bread, mix the ingredients for the fillings and spread filling 1 over the first layer of bread. Cover with another layer of bread and spread filling 2 over it. Cover with the last bread and leave the filled cake wrapped in plastic foil for a couple of hours in the fridge before you garnish. Spread mayonnaise mixed with chilisauce all over the surface. Place slices of salami in a decorative way around the top of the cake, not too close to the middle. Roll smoked meat and pin to the cake with a olive-toothpick. Decorate with cheese cut into triangles and slices of sharonfruit in the middle of the cake. stick leaves of basil every here and there, and press chopped lettuce around the sides of the cake. Helene up

Warm smörgåstårta Three servings One pack of swedish "Hönökaka" (slightly sweeted white bread, thin) Or other similar bread. one leek 280 gram bacon one small tin (100 gram) sliced mushrooms 150 gram sourcream Tomatoes, cheese Black pepper Slice the leek, fry it for a minute, Dice the bacon and fry it with the leeks, mushrooms. Add black pepper. Stir in the sourcream. Part the mixture and place them between two large breads. Slice tomatoes and place on top. Cover with cheese and place in preheated oven, 200 degrees C for ten minutes or until the cheese melted. Serve with garden salad and a cooled beer..... yum yum!!!!!!!! best regards Ronnie Karlsson upp
Smörgåstårta with chicken 1 Package white toastbread Butter Filling 3 dl mayonnaise 1dl creme fraiche juice from a small lemon ¼ tsp salt ¼ tblsp cury powder 1 pack. crabfish 12 shelled shrimps 1 chicken 10 fresh mushrooms 2 apples 1 onion or leek 1 finely chopped pickled cucumber Garnish 4 hardboiled eggs 4 thin slices of ham chopped lettuce 4 cocktailtomaoes (mini-tomatoes) parsley fresh cucumber, cut lengthwise Directions: Trim the edges off the bread and spread butter on the sides. Place the breads together side to side to a bottom. Mix mayo, creme fraiche, salt, lemonjuice and curry powder. Go easy on the curryspice and leave the mix an hour and taste it before adding more curry, the taste of curry develops slowly. Take 8 "stripes" of crabfish away, and save for garnishing. Chop the rest of the crabfish roughly. Chop shrimps and chicken meat, pickles, onion and mushrooms. Mix half of the curry-mayo with all the chopped ingredients. Spread the filling over the bottom of the torte and cover with bread. Spread the rest of the curry-mayo over the entire surface. Decorate with crabfish, cones of ham filled with fresh cucumber stripes, sliced eggs and rest of the vegetables. Cover sides of the torte with lettuce. up
Favourite tårta Recept for Favourite tårta. 1 pkt Polarbread (Swedish round slightly sweeted thin breads) 3 dl cream lettuce 4 tblsp bostonrelish (chopped sweet pickles) 1 chopped onion 4 tblsp mayonnaise 1 tin tuna (in water) Garnishing: shrimps 2 hardboiled eggs 2 tomatoes cucumber 1 box soft cheese spread (shrimp flavour) Whip the cream and mix with finely cut (use scissors) lettuce and onions. (Add the mayo?) Half the mix: add tuna. The other half: add the Boston relish. Place a bread on a plate and add one of the fillings. Add the next bread on top and spread the next filling. Spread soft cheese on the last bread and add on top. Garnish with cucumber, sliced tomatoe, hard boiled eggs where you have separated the yolk from the white part. Add lots of shrimps. Greetings from Kerstin up

Heides smörgåstårta Ingredients: 8 halves Hönökaka (Swedish white slightly sweeted thin breads) Filling 1: 400 gr crabfishsticks 2-3 eggs 2 tsp curry powder 2 dl creme fraiche/sourcream (light) 2 dl majonäs (light/low cal) Mix all ingredients. Should be enough for 2 layers, I mostly make 1½ batch of this filling. Filling 2: 2 tins red caviar. ½ dl chopped chives 1 dl creme fraiche/sourcream (light) ½ dl mayonnaise (light/low cal) Mix for the middle layer. Mix appr. 1 dl creme fraiche och ½ dl mayonnaise, spread on top of the tårta. Garnish with shelled shrimps, eggs, caviar, cucumbers etc. upp
Tårta surpise 10 servings white bread as a bottom, 22-25 cm diameter Filling 1: ½ dl crème fraiche ½ dl mayonnaise (low cal) ½ dl finely chopped parsley 100 gr smoked or boiled ham in small dices Filling 2: 1 cucumber in small dices 3 tomatoes in small dices 1 grated apple Garnishing: 1 dl mayonnaise (low cal) 1 dl crème fraiche 8-10 slices boiled or smoked ham 2-3 lettuce leaves fresh herbs (cress) grapes Instructions: 1. Arrange the bread as bottom, trim the crusts off. 2. Prepare filling 1 (Mix all ingredients) and spread the filling over the bread. Cover with bread. 3. Chop cucumbers and tomatoes into fine dices. Grate the apple and spread all this on top. Cover with bread. 4. Mix crème fraiche och mayonnaise, spread over the entire tårta. Sprinkle herbs (cress) around the sides, garnish with cones of ham 5. Chop lettuce and place on top, decorate with grapes. Regards \\\\//// \\ - - // ( @ @ ) +-------------oOOo-(_)-oOOo---------------------------+ +----------------------Oooo---------------------------------+ oooO ( ) ( ) (__/ \__) up
"Bottom" for smörgåstårtas Hi! Found your yummy recipes for smörgåstårtas and thought I'd send you a recipe for the bottom of a smörgåstårta. Then it will be 100% hand made! This will be enough for at least 3, maybe more plates depending on how thick you make them. 10 dl room tempered milk (do not heat at all!) 5 dl rolled oats 2,5 hg margarine (melted) 1,5hg white sugar 100-150 grams yeast 1,7-2 litre flour Let the oatmeal soak in the milk for a while. Mix the melted cooled butter and the rest of the ingredients. Work the flour into the dough untill it "feels good" Roll out the dough rather thin on greased oven plates, appr. 3-4 baking plates. Let the dough rise for 2 hours. Then bake in oven, 175 - 190 centigrades apprx.10 minutes or until they have that nice golden colour. The recipe is from my mother in law, that's why the measurements and times are only estimates. Bye from Rita. Good luck!

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