Sandralene's Diary

980518 - Since I cancelled my account and logged out directly after my suicide, I had no idea of what happened next. Several of my friends have reported of terrible things happening at the aftermath of the party, and many people obviously got killed. Terrifying reports on cheating counselors appearing and helping their Dread Lord buddies to attack the party guests have also surfaced. But really I think that I've been vindicated again, there is not ONE single entity affiliated with OSI, may it be a counselor, a GM or even Designer Dragon himself that has one ounce of honesty. At first I thought the lawsuit against OSI was just another bad joke, but now - sheesh - I hope OSI loses that one, they are one sorry company to behold. So I am actually quite happy about canceling my account indeed. I have updated my Farewell page with a few links to pages made by other persons who witnessed the event and have covered it in more colorful pictures that that I would have been able to. Anyway, I would like to thank those of you who were my friends for sharing this time with me, and, if you want to meet me in a public MUD at the moment, why not have a look at this site. Yes I'm there from time to time.

980516 - I've spent a good deal of time today preparing for the departure. I also had to read through another huge batch of e-mail. Please be advice that there will NOT be anytime talking to me during the party, there will simply be too many guests, and I suppose the lag will be great anyway. Maybe I should prepare a small speech for tonight? Like the counselor said when I talked to him, I have also advised OSI on the correct e-mail address of what will take place tonight. Naturally there hasn't been any reaction at all. Isn't it strange that certain individuals seem to be able to get all kind of support and aid, while most of us get none whatsoever? Well, maybe it's not that surprising - it's the same mentality as what we saw in the "Neil Diamond" case. I actually doubt that there is one single completely honest GM (or even counselor) on any shard. And with completely honest I mean that they can truly say that the have never, not even once succumbed to favoritism. Of course there are levels in hell too, but I dare a single one to step forward and proclaim that he or she is completely honest, without lying. No I doubt there is. Well, anyway, despite all kinds of preparations I had to take, I still had time for a small excursion down to Britain respawn together with sucraM II today. The respawn was crazy there, ettins, trolls, gazers and of course dire wolves cluttered the forest - great fun indeed - Corp Por etceteras, etceteras. However I normally do not kill all that much myself, but rather tend to look out for other players, healing, un-poisoning or casting reactive armor on them as needed. Only when a big target I simply cannot pass up, like a gazer, comes close I down it. And of course to a grand master mage very few things remain standing very long. Eventually I ran out of reagents as usual and had to go back to rest. And soon it's time to die, I must get ready for this...

And so I did, all that remains is to say one last farewell to all my friends.

980515 - I'm getting increasingly slower at re-supplying my shop so sales are dropping. Not that it matters of course, but they are anyway. I spent some time today looking over what I have and who will get what. That wasn't an easy task, I have things everywhere and both my city shop and my tower are cluttered with more or less meaningless objects. My main office only contains part of my huge collection of crystal balls, it does look very impressive nowadays. Anyway, after scribing a few scrolls, I went around Vesper trying to give away items to NPCs that I assumed that few players needed or wanted. The result was, unfortunately, a unanimously rejection from all NPCs, no matter how fashionable and interesting things I had to offer them... Maybe I'll just put these up for grabs tomorrow for players instead, together with all my other items? So much for trying to do good community work with NPCs ... ha!

But then I met up with Scherazade, and together with Earnil we decided to go to Wind and have some fun. Now three women in Wind means trouble of course for the inhabitants there, and it wasn't long until we cleaned out the cave from liches. There were no signs of any dragons or drakes - at first. But then suddenly the spawning started and once started it wouldn't stop. Together with two nice guys there we killed the lizards in heaps, and of course once in a while they killed us. At one point it actually looked like we were having a pajamas party there, all of us standing around in those death robes. But since there are no looters in Wind, it's just a matter of going to a healer, run back, pick up your things, heal up and get back into the fray. After killing around a dozen of dragons and drakes I ran out of vital reagents and left the others to get back to Vesper to rest. Tomorrow's the final day you know, I bet it's going to be hectic. Oh I had to take a detour to Lord Blackthorn's castle, the stupid virtue guard shield explodes when you die, so I had to pick up another one. But finally I could log out and get some sleep. I have one more picture for you today, with some dead lizards and us. I'm the wandering healer, of course, looking down the dead dragon's throat...

980514 - I had a lot shopping to do today, and as always when I shop around, I get "delayed" by my chatting with various people. So even though I did spend some time on-line, I didn't get even half as much done as I would have liked. I did manage to scribe a few scrolls, and I noticed I'm all sold out on 7th circle and resurrection again (as usual), dear me. Those are the ones that take a great deal of time to replace, and there wasn't enough time to do it right away, I have to postpone that project for a little later. I also really need to mark some more runes, maybe I should have stuck with my original ideas and hired helpers for lesser tasks so that I could concentrate on the more difficult ones? But it matters little right now, what does matter is that the response so far to my party on Saturday has been overwhelming to say the very least. I have tried to answer each and everyone that has written to me, but I have had to spend hours just reading and replying to e-mail. If I should have lost a letter in the shuffle, please bear with me, I'm not employed to answer e-mail (like OSI customer service personnel) but I try my best unlike ..., well, you know. I really hate canned e-mail replies myself and I try to avoid them myself, again unlike ... You get the point, don't you? I noticed that Designer Dragon actually managed to write something that some players possibly could get any benefit from on his last essay (the one of organizing guilds). The essay isn't all that practical unfortunately at a closer look, players who already know how to run a guild, organization, network or whatever can do so without aid. And of course the clueless couldn't do it with any amount of instruction, so the essay is a sermon for those who already believes... Well it's better than the semi-intellectual and putatively visionary crap he usually puts out, a small step in the right direction, but still not a giant leap for UO-mankind IMHO. A giant leap, in some direction, however, will be the new reputation system, watch your back carefully after that one is implemented, maybe it will be the end-all solution to PK:ing, maybe it will be a giant leap off a tall cliff? Can you spell malicious bugs and moronic bug exploiters...?

Then I did some more writing, didn't get around to marking runes since there were so many people who want to chat with me. Even more than usual actually. A lot of people have heard that I'm quitting. Of course some of them are vultures who are just waiting to loot my dead body, but most of them are really, really nice people. We had a small chat us girls, Scherazade, Elana and me outside my shop as today's image below shows. Suddenly the chat was interrupted by a lumber jack, Coragon, rushing into town with an attacking ettin in tow. We managed to convince him to lead it outside town again, where we made short work of the huge two-headed thing. After that Sherazade and me sat in my tower for more than 3 hours and just talked. It was very nice indeed. We got a visit by a ghost too, Dread Lord Grut, but since Scherazade's spirit speak is poor, and mine is non-existent ever since the athrophy weeks, we understood very little. Finally I had to log out, but it was a nice and pleasant evening indeed. Here is today's image that I promised, don't we look adorable?

980513 - After scribing my usual quota of scrolls, I decided to go out and have a look at the world today. First I went to my normal hunting ground north of Vesper. The place was barren and the panther and the wolf I killed there served nothing but to give me an idea of how good my back-up crossbow is. Unfortunately it's not all that good, my regular bow is a lot better. A bit frustrated I walked over to the Minoc respawn area. I had forgotten any bladed object so there wasn't any way for me skinning the odd animal I killed along the way. At the spawning ground I found a very weird ogre. When he saw me, he of course attacked, but then he stopped, turned grey and became impossible to target with my spells. I hopped in and out of war-mode, behaving like the matador in the Disney-movie Ferdinand the bull, "come on, what are you waiting for? Do something to me..." - but it was to no avail. Every time I managed to get him to attack, he immediately went out of war-mode again and became impossible to target. Not until I went straight up to him and literally punched him in the groin (I can't reach any higher that on an ogre - I'm not that tall), could the combat proceed as normal. It was very odd indeed, like he was a leftover from some quest spawn or something. Of course once engaged he died quickly and nicely to my spells, but nevertheless I do not like to go into melee with big unwashed creatures, vastly preferring to hit them from afar. I then went to have a look at Covetous, the harpy room was full of players killing harpies like it was a harpy de-assembly line, yes the spawning rate was great there. I killed one of the bird-women myself, Corp Por, but other than that I just stood there talking to the other players and healing them or casting reactive armor on them as needed. Some of the other warriors present there, recognized me from Vesper and commented that I wasn't fashionable as usual. No, they were right about that, but I like the wandering healer outfit whenever I leave town. When I got bored I walked over to the swamp, there was nothing there at all but a lowly snake and my healer robe got all wet and muddy. I then went out into the desert to dry up, and headed down to the open mage tower. Of course the tower is completely looted nowadays and the outlet next-door is closed. But another harpy found me when I was inside so I rushed down and outside to speak the magic words "Kal Vas Flam" to it. The harpy was tricky to loot, it died on top of a dune and for a few minutes it looked to me as if it had died in midair. Eventually I figured out how to climb the sand dune and take it's money. Finally I went to Compassion to wash my robe in the clear lake there and see if there was any fun going on, but there weren't any monsters gated in there today. And at this moment Real LifeÔ suddenly called and I had to recall back to Vesper and log out.

Of course, after publishing part one of today's entry, I should have guessed that there would always be someone who would say to me "Aaah, you killed two harpies and didn't get the feathers". No, I already told you, I forgot my knife. If I had had my knife I wouldn't have kicked the stupid ogre on the balls, I'd more likely done a "Mrs. Bobbit" on him. And I don't really care anymore now that the end draws near. I am becoming increasingly unwilling to use what little time I have left to please other players, and simply spend it the way *I* seem fit. I have already begun turning down requests of manufacturing any more big sets of runes. I also met an incredibly stupid thief, Bill the helper, in the square in Vesper today. When he was stealing a thing from me, what do you think he took? My 500 gold pieces? My Resurrection scrolls I had been scribing? My valuable bag of reagents? No, none of the above. He tried to steal my Chaos Shield. Oh besides this he got detected and beheaded by a guard and his partner had the pleasure of seeing the loot exploding on him - *LOL*. This explosion does not hurt the looter of course, but it's a nice twist when the stolen goods simply evaporate in the face of the thieves. I could go and get another one very easy, hmmm maybe I could start selling Chaos shields to people, it would be like that scheme selling magically summoned animals which I told you about long, long ago. But I said no to fraudulent behavior then, I still do. Crooked business is definitely not a fashion statement.

980512 - I will continue the stupid quote-parade from the uneducated pieces of crap Designer Dragon tries to pass off as semi-scientific essays on the Comments from the Dev. Team-page. The topic was that someone stated that there might be a similarity between the development of the UO "community" so far and Western Europe civilization 800-1200 AD, and DD writes "... If we keep recapitulating European history at this rate, we'll be at the Magna Charta soon--and won't that be interesting!" My reply to this is "and the next big event after that will be the Black Plague--and won't that be interesting?" Calling the Magna Charta a major historical event to influence Western Europe Civilization is one of the great Anglo-Saxon myths, in reality it didn't mean anything to the rest of Western Europe at that time, since both economic, cultural and political centers laid elsewhere at that time. I suggest taking some basic history classes, for those of you who are really interested in the subject and are able to do research on your own, and please use something else, more scientific, than the SF-writer Heinlein when you do so. But what we do have here is another example of the narrow-minded view that reflects the (non)thinking and biased views that seems to (black) plague OSI. In the game I just wrote a couple of more scrolls, marked a couple of more runes, and am starting to get my farewell party props organized. I just hope that no one undo all that work and applies the "Creative use of a bug or god-client" to rob my houses before Saturday. On the other hand, if any OSI employee should read this, you bet my houses will empty (if not gone altogether) come Saturday, we do know all too well about their honesty, or shall I say lack of it, by now... Other than this I say what a towncrier normally says - "I have no news for thee at this time", except maybe that Leafbeach has started to convert his pages into English which will make them more accessible to a larger audience.

Then I spent a lot of time talking to people. McIrish brought me another batch of crystal balls, dear me, he kills liches even faster than I do. As a matter of fact he brought me so many I had to ask him to carry them for me to my Main Office. A few more friends followed us through the gate I made there. Arriving there, I was immediately attacked by a giant spider. Why always me, when there are so many more to choose from? Anyway, since I had bodyguards with me, the arachnoid didn't last long, as a matter of fact I didn't even have the chance of saying Corp Por before it was dead. As you can see in the picture below I only said "Got It" (meaning the screen shot). Nice and quick wasn't it? But that's what friends are for - thank you all. I am also very, very busy replying all the e-mail from people asking for my estate, no decisions have been taken yet however. But it is going to be tricky to select. Oh there's a new tower break-in bug too, reported on the UO Vault even. Sure enough, found a little bug exploiter in my tower and chased him off. It turned out he had stolen my back-up bag of reagents. This game is in a sorry state indeed. But here's the picture I promised.

I'll be back with more news at the situation warrants. Until next time - stay safe from PK:ers

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