Finally the time has come to say goodbye to UO. I'm not doing it because of the lag, the bugs, the PK:ers or all the other idiots that seem to thrive in the game. I'm quitting because of OSI's behavior. We all know about the "Neil Diamond" incident and the attempts to cover it up. I simply have no confidence whatsoever in a company who let their employees behave in such a manner, and refuse to support them with my money anymore. This was so shameful that no excuses are possible.

However, before I go I would like to invite all of my friends to a small farewell party in my tower where I will give away all I own. Since this is quite a large number of things and a heap of, nay, 6 heaps of money (bank wise that is), this might be enough to convince you to participate. Here are the facts you need to know :

The party will take place in my tower, Saturday the 16th of May 23:00 Swedish time. That is 22:00 GMT or 17:00 EST if you prefer those time zone measurements better. One hour before this, at 22:00 Swedish time, I can be found outside the bank in Vesper giving away things and money from my bank box. 15 minutes before the party starts I will move to my shop and give away all I have there, including what's left on my vendors. From there I will gate those who are in need of transportation to my tower. I will try to be available from the time the server gets back up after service outside my shop if you want to talk to me in length. Chances are that lag can be bad and make conversation at the party slow. Therefore, if you have a lot to say to me, please drop by my shop earlier for a cup of coffee:)


Requests for special items, and my real estate, will be taken from this moment up to Thursday the 14th. You may do so by sending me a nice e-mail, telling me what you desire and, most importantly, why. Kewld00ds, stupid and annoying people and the really clueless ones gets nothing of course:) I would like to give away my city shop to someone interested in business. Likewise I will not give away my larger buildings to people who can't give a reasonable in-game explanation why they want it. If you should be so lucky that I decide you are the right person to inherit my property I will notify you by e-mail on Friday the 15th.


I expect those of you who would like to come to my farewell party to bring their own chair, since I might not have enough of those. Dear me, I have too many crystal balls around I think:) Since I would like it to be a fun occasion, why don't you bring a bard or any other entertainer to the game. I would also like that those of my friends who run efficient and experienced Dread Lords to contact me to possibly appear in that shape - then we can have some fun and games too:)

I also expect someone or maybe more than one to take screen shots of the event and publish them wherever such pictures and stories might be published. It's fun with death shots - now isn't it :)


I will not say goodbye to you here and now, saving that for the party, but I wish to thank all of you nice and interesting people that I had the pleasure to meet for this time, maybe we meet in Everquest? And to OSI I'd say "Good Riddance"...




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