Sandralene's Images

Who knows what kind of creatures might end up having their picture taken and published here? Maybe you'll find your UO character here if you should be so lucky.


The wedding between PhantomY and Elana at the shrine of Sacrifice. I'm the woman in pink near the middle of the picture. It was such a beautiful wedding. I cried as I always do on such occasions

The wedding party of Elana and PhantomY. I had the honor of hosting it on my tower roof. The groom had a bit much to drink, he was probably nervous. All in all a great party, some of the furniture got moved around, there was dancing and (bad) music, and some of the boys even wanted to summon and fight an elemental after their sixth beer. Fortunately they didn't succeed summoning, note the Earth Elemental, flanking the happy couple, a bit earlier though ...

My library on tower level 2

My dining room on level 3

The tower is beginning to look inhabited now...

The wedding between Magenta and Vandis was a bit more confusing ceremony and a less solemn one too than the one between Elana and PhantomY. First of all it took a tremendous amount of time before the guests arrived, but then again that time could be spent chatting with the groom Vandis, a Dread Lord. You rarely get to speak to Dread Lords in a civil manner otherwise. As you can see I wore a blue dress to this occasion, it matches the snow at Honesty.

Once the ceremony started, Honesty was packed with people including several Counselors. One of them led the wedding itself. It was tricky lighting conditions. I had to use In Lor to get good quality to the pictures. It was even more difficult to get a snapshot without some of the guests talking out of context. But to the left you see one of those rare "Kodak moments" when everybody actually kept their mouth shut, and the Counselor could proceed with the ceremony as planned. The Counselor did a very good job with the wedding, despite the conditions however.

However, a shrine is a shrine, and every now and then a ghost comes along to resurrect. This particular ghost proceeded by eating the wedding dinner food after having resurrected. The reaction from many of the guests was rather violent and multiple applications of Blade Spirits made him have to resurrect again and again. The overly curious and kleptomaniac person finally gave up harassing the ceremony.

And all is well that ends well. In the end the happy couple were married as husband and wife for all to see. Unfortunately, business called me away and I could not attend the wedding dinner. Regarding how the ceremony itself had proceeded, I bet that the dinner was a rowdy one. Ah well, different strokes for different folks as they say. And, yes, this couple also got a nice gift from my shop I had prepared for them. Now I only hope that they live happily ever after...

My pilgrimage to the shrines









I still display a partial Map of Vesper with my city shop marked. Please come visit me if you're in the area. If I'm not at home - try the Spinning Wheel tailor-shop - if I'm in town at all.

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