Sandralene's lingerie and curiosity shoppe

Welcome to Sandralene's Lingerie and Curiosity Shoppe. Here the discerning female adventurer will find everything she needs for her travels, at very competitive prices. Our vendors always have a stock of female armor in prime condition and scrolls for all purposes. The complete city outfits, and the packages with entire spell-circle scrolls may be available on a limited basis only due to manufacturing times. Outside what our vendors has on display we also have fine magical weapons for sale, quality and authenticity guaranteed by owner. Most weapons can be pre-ordered only, and will not be offered to the public due to the unfortunate increase in thievery. We furthermore sell Recall scrolls in wholesale packages, minimum order 12 scrolls. All prices on special items disclosed on demand. All ordered items delivered nicely gift-wrapped if so desired.

Important note: Special orders accepted only from customers of good notoriety. No haggling! No shirt, no shoes - no service. Just because we sell items from The Armory Illustrated's swimsuit edition including its "Plate Mail of the Month" centerfold, does not mean that we accept that our customers appear in the shop wearing such outfits only. Please accept a small delivery time on large orders, dependant on availability of special items. Large orders *must* be pre-paid by customer.

Shop, office & vendor locations:

Vesper / Catskills - immediately west of The Spinning Wheel along the north side of the road.

Minoc / Catskills - straight north of the Moongate at the waterfront. Minoc shop is also an open forge, please use it.

Main Office / Catskills - north of Vesper - sorry, no vendor here. Main Office closed to visitors.

Opening soon in Britain / Catskills with public open training hut.

PRICE and inventory LIST

(Disclaimer: Prices may vary somewhat dependant on availability and demand)


We carry the complete range of female armor at prices you will find very competitive. Everything from a simple leather top to the full female plate armor. If a particular item should be temporarily sold out with our vendors, please place your order here, all orders delivered after confirmation.

Leather Bustier

69 g.p.

Studded Bustier

89 g.p.

Leather Skirt

49 g.p.

Female Leather Armor

69 g.p.

Female Leather Shorts

49 g.p.

Female Studded Leather

99 g.p.

Bustier + Shorts / Skirt

117 g.p.

Female Plate Armor

149 g.p.



We commonly have a fine and varied assortment of scrolls for immediate sale. For specifics on what is for sale at the moment, please consult our vendors. Complete spell-circles are available on special request, pre-orders only, sets cost 119 g.p. per circle, a full 3rd circle set sells for instance for only 357 g.p. All full sets come packaged in a handy bag. All full sets can be nicely gift-wrapped on demand at a small extra charge. If a spell or bag of spells should be unavailable at our vendors, you may place an order here. Gift Sets manufactured according to buyer's request as far as possible. We also sell runes to all inhabited islands except Buccaneer's Den. Going to Buc's Den is definitely not a fashion statement anyway for any discerning woman. Sorry, we don't do mainland runes at all, we can hardly imagine anything as outdated and out of fashion as going mainland for any other reason than visiting our shops.

Single Scroll (per circle) - 1st circle 20 g.p.

15 g.p./circle

Complete Circle in bag - 8 scrolls (1st circle 159 g.p.)

119 g.p./circle

Rune to island. Targeting mage shop if such is available.

150 g.p.

Gift Set Example (every 1st, 2nd and 3rd circle scroll plus complementary spell-book. All nicely gift-wrapped)

749 g.p.

Do-it-yourself transport kit (2 Mark scrolls, 2 unmarked runes, and 20 Recall scrolls. All nicely gift-wrapped - pre-order only)

1379 g.p.

. Sandralene's Island hopping kit. 8 runes for Occlo, Nujel'm, Jhelom, Moonglow, Maginica, Skara Brae, Serpents' Isle and back to Vesper plus 3 complementary recall scrolls.

999 g.p. !!

Our famous do-it-yourself transport kit. Very little skill in magery required to operate



We carry complete sets of city clothing, including an entire fancy dress or a set of a fancy shirt and a kilt or skirt. The outfit also comes with a cloak, a hat, a pair of shoes and a complementary bandana, all of the finest quality and latest fashion colors, every set guaranteed to be unique, no duplicates. These items are sold in sets only. If a special combination of colors is not available at the vendors, you may place an order here. Please specify requested size and colors on order for quick processing. All sets come with a handy storage box at no extra charge.

Complete city outfit - including a fancy dress, a cloak, a hat, a pair of shoes and a bandana, matching colors.

109 g.p.

Complete city outfit - including a fancy shirt, a skirt or kilt, a hat, a pair of shoes and a bandana, matching colors.

119 g.p.



An assortment of magical weapons is available on special request. Many different magical long swords, broad swords, katanas, scimitars, spears, bows, x-bows and maces can be purchased, but the more powerful will be sold on a pre-order basis only. Requests for what is in store at the moment may be placed here. Please Note: We do not carry viking swords, war maces, large two-handers or other vulgar weapons unfit for a lady. Quality and authenticity assured and guaranteed by owner. Magical weapons can be delivered gift-wrapped on demand at a small extra charge. Sometimes, magical wands and magical necklaces are available at this department too - see our vendors about these specials. Especially the necklaces are certainly essential accessories to any wardrobe; gorgets simply don't cut it together with a fancy dress.

Powerful magical weapons sold on special request

Ask us


Other interesting items of fashion will be added to our inventory as soon as they become available, and demanded, on the market. Remember, if you want the best in quality to affordable prices, visit Sandralene's Lingerie and Curiosity Shoppe. As long as your notoriety stays good we'll be delighted to have you as a customer. Also, keep in mind that unless you have one of those golden plate mails or a virtue guard shield, no one will recognize you in the city if you are wearing armor. Don't wear forest clothing and orc helmets in civilized areas, wear a city dress, look sharp, and be unique! We will be more than happy to help you stand out from the crowd in a fashionable manner.


Thank you for your visit. We hope you have found things to your liking. Please come again.





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