Declaration of MDD Movement for Direct Democracy

For the first time in history, the existence of the multiform world culture as a whole is threatened. On the one hand we are approaching the exhaustion of our limited natural resources and face an increase in the negative effects of the damaged and destabilized biosphere and, on the other hand, millions of people are killed in wars, die of starvation and are dominated by power elites who pursue their own short-term personal and group interests without caring about the overall human perspective. Party-based parliamentarism is no longer a genuine democracy able to formulate and defend the long-term interests of mankind. It is a form of rule by party factions imposed through the manipulation of public opinion. We are convinced that a radical improvement can only be achieved by a transformation of social structure and its policy, i.e. only by increasing the influence of ordinary citizens upon crucial political decisions. Political systems must be democratized in a new way and it is necessary to publicly discuss the optimum structure for world civilization which becomes more and more integrated.

June 1995

Signatures: Ph.D. Jiri Polak, politology; Sweden Eng. Jaroslav Kocí, CSc., construology and economics; Czech Republic Ph.D. Eng. Josef Šmajs, professor, philosophy and ecology; Cz.R. Ph.D. Milan Valach, philosophy and ethics; Cz.R Ph.D. Jan Keller, associate professor, sociology, publicist; Cz.R. Eng. Eva Mitisková, enterpreteur; Cz.R. Pavel Verner, writer, Cz.R. Ph.D. Karel Zemek, CSc., philosophy and biology; Cz.R.

Join us by contacting us at the address below. Form discussion circles, initiate public debate in the mass media, put pressure on politicians! Your future and the future of your children is at stake!

Read our publications: J. Polak: Democracy - Direct or Indirect? (Prague 1994)* J.Polak - J. Kocí: Direct Democracy of Tomorrow - A system of Computer-based Political Management (Prague 1996)* J.Šmajs: The Endangered Culture (Ohrozená kultura, Prague 1995,forthcoming in English) M. Valach: A World in Transition (forthcoming) * Europe: 10 DM including the postage Other countries: 10 USD including the postage

Contact address: DD Publishing House. P.O.Box 38, 149 00 Prague 415, Czech Republic

I support the above demands Name Signature Address, telephone (necessary only if you answer affirmatively the following question)

I agree/do not agree that my name and address be communicated to other persons who sympathize with the demands of democratization, for the purpose of facilitating mutual contacts.

Comments, criticism, alternate proposals:

Membership in the Movement for Direct Democracy is not formal and is not subject to any charges or other conditions. We have no firm organization and no leaders, only a co-ordination centre. Contributions for administrative and publicity expenses will, however, be gratefully accepted.

Account Nr. 34278- 131643001211-028/0800, bank Ceská sporitelna a.s., Prague, Cz.R.

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