Ove's telephone pages

My name is Ove Svensson and I live in Mölndal, Sweden. I work at DOSK AB where we develop software for urban transit companies. You can test one of our products by clicking here.

My hobby is to collect telephones and related items. In these pages you can look at pictures of some of my phones and switchboards or follow my telephone links. If you have a telephone by LM Ericsson with a serial number on it, you can find out when it was made in the serial numbers list. You can also look at Ericsson's first catalogue published in 1886. The text is in swedish but there are some nice pictures. In the handsets page you can find pictures and some information about Ericsson's handsets

There is an association of telephone collectors in Sweden called Sveriges Telehistoriska SamlarFörening, STSF. We are about 90 members from Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Spain, Italy, Australia, USA and Canada. Here are some pictures from members collections and from telephone museums in Sweden and Finland

(There is some material whitout translation in the SWEDISH section, not found here)

You can contact me via my e-mail address ove.svensson@dosk.se