The history about the world's biggest, most modern and ship begun planning in year 1907.unsinkable Two luxury ships were to be built; they got the names Olympic and Titanic. Also a third ship was to be built, which later got the name Britannic. In the year's 1908-1909 begun the actual building of the ships Olympic and Titanic on Harlan & Wolf shipsmanufacturing in Belfast on Ireland. So on May 31st year 1911 the frame of the ship to receive the name R.M.S Titanic. About 12 months later, on March 31st year 1912 was Titanic fully equipped and ready to sail. 8174 feet long and about 46.000 tons heavy the ship was the most modern and luxurious ship that had ever been built. The shipping company White Star Line was the proud owners of Titanic and would use the ship for Atlantic traffic between Southampton, England & New York (U.S.A.). After about 10 months of building and installing R.M.S Titanic finally sailed on April 1st, 1912 from the shipyard on Ireland and two days later she arrived to Southampton in England. At noon on April 10 Th, 1912 R.M.S Titanic sailed from the Southampton dock and avoided just with very little margin to collide with the American steamboat New York.Titanic.jpg At 19.00 Titanic arrived to Chersbourg in order to take up passengers, at 21.00 the same evening she sailed to Queenstown. The day after April 11th, 1912 at 12.30 the ship arrived to Queenstown in order to take up more passengers and postal. So on the day at 14.00 same day R.M.S Titanic finally sailed from the Queenstown harbor for her virgin voyage to New York, U.S. with 1.316 passengers and 891 crewmembers. Some interesting facts about Titanic was among others that the ship was equipped with 16 lifeboats and 4 rescue rafts. They could take about 1.200 persons that were very little since the crewmembers and the passengers were totally 2.300 people. The prices in order to travel with Titanic were enormously big depending of which ticket category you choose. The price for a 1st class ticket was £870 (about $1.250) and a 3rd class tickets merely coasted £2 that equal about $2.50. The captain of the ship was Captain E J Smith, an experienced sea traveler that had sailed more than 5.120.000 miles for the shipping company White Star Line over the years. The provisions onboard the Titanic consisted of among others the following things: 35.000 fresh egg, 40 tons of potatoes, 1000 bottles of wine and 15.000 bottles with beer. Other thing's that was needed onboard was for e.g. 12.000 plates, 40.000 different kinds of towels, 45.000 napkins, 1000 oyster- forks and 15.000 champagne glasses. Titanic sailed beneath the first day approximately 992 miles, the 2nd day 1328 miles and day 3rd almost 1408 miles. Certain of that the passengers were anxious to get to New York fast so they urged the captain to increase the speed even more. However Captain Smith didn't want this because several icebergs had been spotted during the day. This was on the Sunday of April 14th 1912. Suddenly the disaster happened. At 23.40 at night the lookout discovered an iceberg straight in front of the ship. The Iceberg didn't appear to be so large but the lookout sent an alarm to turn the ship around. Titanic didn't turn as much as needed to avoid the iceberg and run straight into it which tore up a 90 meter long rip on the ship's right side. The panic broke out on Titanic and the captain knew that there were not enough lifeboats for all the passengers and crewmembers. The members of the crew ordered that women and children should take the seats in the lifeboats first. People who could not receive a seat in the lifeboats threw themselves into the water in panic but many froze to death within some minutes in the cold water. Titanic managed to hold herself floating for approximate 2 1/2 hours before she sank down in cold Atlantic water forever at 2.20 in the night. The ship Carpathia was the first ship to arrive to the place of the accident, in order to pick up survivors. Carpatia arrived at 03.30 and the first lifeboat was picked up at 04.10. A few hours later at 08.50, Carpathia left the place of the accident and sailed against New York. The ship brought 712 survivors. 1 495 passengers died in the cold water of the Atlantic Sea. A man called Dr. Robert Ballard discovered the wreck of Titanic in 1985. Oceanic scientists in collaboration with Wood's whole Oceanographic Establishment. On the bottom of the sea exists today the wreck Titanic in two divides. Scientists think that the ship broke into 2 pieces when the enormous amount of water flooded into the ship on way down into the depth. The front and back was found on bottom of the sea about 60 meters from each other, 2,5 miles down in the deep. So rests the Titanic even today, almost untouched.

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